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An introduction to High Dynamic Range Photos

Having taking photos as a amateur (enthusiast), semi-professional and professional photographer I had known and heard about HDR and honestly just did not “get it”.
Over the past few months I have looked at more amazing photos that use HDR to make the photos more as if you witnessed the photograph being taken. Yes, before you go ballistic, there are some that take it into a 60’s art form variation, however there are some amazing photographers who use this technique to add some natural pop to the photograph.
Only a few days ago I attempted to plan out my first HDR photograph (above). It did not quite turn out like those hanging in the Smithsonian *(Trey Ratcliff – if your ears are burning, yes speaking about you).
Strangely enough I did like the result and it made an impression on me enough to further experiment.
I must say this is much easier today than in the past with the great tools available to you. The list of tools are far too vast to list here however may do a blog posting on in the future. There are two articles quoted on Quick HDR Photography, HDR Photography in CS5, and other interesting articles on gear and my ongoing blog about whats in my camera bag (if you care).
In closing, I like HDR, there I said it and likely will be admonished by purest in the field. I don’t think I will be allowed to use them in the courtroom anytime soon but think a print on the wall would be interesting.

 Richard Shoaf

HDR - Saint Louis Forest Park

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