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Five must have Christmas decoration photos

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Tis the season to be out like Clark Griswald lighting the house and consuming more than your share of the power grid, but what the heck, its Christmas!

Now that you have your lights up, and the appropriate ones are “twinkling” and safely returned to earth from the ladder laid against the eve that you only visit once a year, what to do.  Well if you are like me, you want to share a photo of your energy consuming project with others, right?

Lets start off with some simple photographs of your holiday decorations.

1)   On a cold winter (actually fall) morning, grab some macro images of the frost on the decorations outside.  Some of you may say, “I live in south Florida”, then grab the same image where the sprinkler left its mist from the early morning watering.

2)   Tree photos don’t have to be boring, pick out your five favorite ointments and use the lights give Santa a Rembrandt portrait.   Or try to give frosty a high key look.  (see Christmas Photography at Home)Beannachtaí an tSéasúir
3)   The miniature town under the tree, or in my case on top of the hide away big screen, again go macro or even better go tilt-shift to make your miniature look, yes, miniature.

4)   Photograph the outside lights and decorations at night.  Yes it may be cold but a clear night with a moonlit roofline can make for a fun photograph of the holiday abode.

Shoaf's Christmas Party (2011)-4627-Edit.jpgShoaf's Christmas Party (2011)-4627-Edit-2.jpg
5)   Food, by goodness don’t forget to get some photographs of the food.  My wife spends hours making brittle, breads and pies and if I did not capture a photo or two that would be the end of my “favorite time of year”.First try @ Chocolate covered Red Velvet
My wife and I just had our holiday party and I did my diligent duty and took some pre-party photos and once the company started to arrive the camera went to a sofa table and safely sat there for the evening.  Next year I will throw up 2-3 time lapse cameras during the holiday party to watch the tidal surge of friends arrive and depart.

No matter what you do during the holidays, keep the camera handy, have fun and make some photographs.

Happy Holidays,

Richard Shoaf

Our Holiday Party invite…

Our Holiday Party – Thanks for coming.


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