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Fiscal Cliff and the New Year

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A parallel entrepreneur’s perspective By Richard C. A Shoaf, Founder STCI, RS7 Studios & Compass Consultant Services

Here we are again, setting on the edge of our seat awaiting the stalemate government debating to do their job and compromise to clear the log jam of government.

As a small business owner if we failed to set our budget for years on end with customer service ratings in the single digits for over 4 years we would not be in business.

Dear Senators and House Members:  Wake the heck up.  We are unhappy with your performance, on both sides. Democrats, time to cut the spending in a way that actually affects our budget.  It will require programs that your “favorite contributors and constituents’” like but its time to cut, cut and cut some more. Republicans, it will require an increase of revenue, caps on deductions and cuts to eliminate the deficit.  Yes this is to the military and homeland security.  There is waist, fraud and abuse across government programs and it is time to seek them out and fix it.  These people and programs will be better for it in the end and we as citizens don’t need ice delivered to our door an hour after the power goes out.  We can be self-reliant for a period of time.  We should, on our own have a plan, prepare and be ready for loss of power or heat.  Those who do not, then they suffer the consequences of not being prepared.


When we come upon financial hard times we tighten our belt and move forward.  We put money aside for the bad times and spend it wisely.  You continue to spend good money after bad.  Boys & Girls in congress, and you too Mr. President, time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Is the fiscal cliff is actually all that bad?  Taxes go back to where they where not too long ago and government spending gets cut 10%.  Time to knock off these subsidy programs and let market value prevail too.  Foreign aid to countries that are not our allies needs to be dropped off as well.  A dollar saved is a dollar earned, but I don’t think that is how any of you think as your approval rating is in the single digits and the rest of us are watching.   As General George Patton said “Lead, follow or Get out of the Way“.


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  1. RichardShoaf says:

    Let us be completely honest also, Congress doesn’t really care about the consequences other than their re-election. Where are the Statesmen of yesteryear (gender neutral)?

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