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Business owner/developer, global public safety consultant, photographer & career husband. Did I mention, I love my life & I love my WIFE! |D3s|D70s||PC|  Senior VP of Operations for Safety Training and Consultations International LLC d/b/a STCI  and Owner / Operator of Richard Shoaf Photography

Always a life’s dream of being a professional photographer as my love for it was stirred while a child traveling with my parents. My first photos ever used for print where in 1989 (taken in 1988) and this started to fix a life long dream (pun intended). Ironically that next year many of my photos where used in both civil and criminal court while working as both a public safety Fire Investigator as well as private insurance investigator. I continued to use my developing skills in other employment while a fire investigator and consultant using photography to share ideas. In 2010 I have dedicated significant time and energy to be able to provide photographic services for clients globally. I am currently a member of the International Freelance Photographers Organization and published in various professional journals. 2011-2013 on assignment for Today’s Photographer Magazine which has a distribution of about 200,000 and is circulated in 141 countries.



  1. Nancy Silverrod says:

    Is there a connection between you and a Shoaf Studio that was on Dexter Ave in Montgomery, Alabama sometime in the 20’s – 50’s?

  2. S. Andrews says:

    I too have a picture from the 1920’s / 50’s from the Shoaf Studio in Montgomery, AL – from 121 1-2 Dexter Ave. Don’t know who the picture is – but I know they are family.

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