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Rick has the honor to manage a diverse team of highly qualified and talented specialist across the globe. He currently consults with and trains personnel on emergency planning and response. He provides regulatory compliance, risk assessment/management, counter-terrorism and onsite emergency response services for a variety of organizations. These include general industry, federal agencies, and public safety organizations.

He has worked in over 80 countries across four continents during his 21 years. He routinely supports efforts in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. In recent years he supported efforts from Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Malta, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Morocco and a variety of States in the U. S. A. This year he has worked in Canada, Bonaire, Aruba, Sweden, Norway , Russia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Grenada, Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Iceland, and Greenland.

Rick is a returning speaker at several regional, national and international conferences on topics relating to Safety, National Security, CBRNE, WMD and Hazardous Materials.

Rick started STCI in 1993 with three companies growing out of it: STCI Online – your equipment supply resource; Compass Consultant Services – Helping you Navigate your way to success as an indpendent consultant; and Richard Shoaf Photography – Professional Photography Services (his life long passion).


CBRNE, Hazardous Materials, WMD, Public Safety Consulting, Governmental Consulting, unique photography and international work. Various certifications and qualifications in related areas on CV.


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